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visits from heaven: show open animation

Opening animation for Visits From Heaven pilot, featuring Josie Varga and based on true accounts of those who have had contact with loved ones on the Other Side.

Created in After Effects.

woofbert vr promo

Woofbert VR - The animated open
for their promotional video in partnership with the Samsung Gear
VR goggles, giving viewers virtual reality to explore the best art galleries in the world.


jerry lieberman flipbook animation

This animation is the opening clip on the Jerry Lieberman Productions website. Conceived by Jerry as a unique calling card, he had worked in collaboration with designer and illustrator, Seymour Schwast, to create it as a flipbook. I later brought these drawings to life for the first time as a special feature while building his website. Music and sound track by Sam Seeger.

tunesat promo

This animation was created as an online promotion for Tunesat, a webtool for musicians for tracking and reporting song usage on TV and the Internet. It was featured on the homepage of their site when it was first launched. The character was designed and drawn by son, Sam Seeger and together we animated it.

It was especially gratifying for me to be able to pass on some of the old school animation trickas and techniques I had learned from Sam's grandpa, Hal Seeger.


abiding presents website open

Everyday is Earth Day! Abiding Presents is my way of expressing my dedication to protecting our environment. Hence, this animation of a cigar box upcycled into this one-of-a-kind keepsake. An ardent collector of uplifting quotes and opportune 
messages found in fortune cookies,
This, combined with my passion for making something from nothing and a compulsive propensity to think first before throwing anything away has become my collection of unique upcycled gifts.


sister sensei: bedtime story

This animation is a clip from our feature film, "Sister Sensei."  Mindy, Sister Sensei (Mindy Seeger) reads a bedtime story about a great karate master to her young nephews, Max (Max Seeger) and Sam (Sam Seeger.) What she reads from is an excerpt from "Fight for Honor," Book #1 of the children's martial arts series, "The Karate Club," by Carin Greenberg Baker. 


ms. liz cartoons

Mz. Liz is a character created by Cartoonist and Graphic Novelist, Barbara Slate. In the early 80's, in addition to creating thses and several other animations, I worked with Barbara designing Mz. Liz merchandising for Macy's,
as well as drawing the comic strip. These cartoons were made for and appeared on the Today Show.


playboy channel pilot

At the time, Cable TV was taking off big time. All the new cable stations were up and coming and it was all the buzz that Playboy was hot to launch its own Playboy Channel. In light of the success of the Cartoon-a-torial series, Hal Seeger came up with the idea to follow that model using the cartoons that appeared in Playboy magazine These two cartoons were created as pilots for his pitch.



"Cartoon-a-torial" was was created by Hal Seeger Studios in partnership with Newsweek magazine from 1978 to 1982. This was my very first job in the film industry and we created over 500 of these political cartoons. In lloking back on them, it seems like we are still plagued by the same issues.


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