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A Prayer First and Other Thoughts

"I ask that all beings in the world who are suffering from or have been exposed to the CORVID-19 disease immediately receive all the assistance they need from all those beings who can help them and may the most benevolent outcome be the rapid eradication and dissipation of this disease faster and better than we could ever imagine.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Based on “Concerning Disease” by Tom T. Moore

The Gentle Way:

A Self-Guide For Those

Who Believe in Angels,

page 104.

* * *

What if prayer really worked? What if self-isolation was successful? What if the virus just mysteriously disappeared? Wouldn’t it be great if the Jacob Javits coronavirus emergency center was unnecessary because the situation was stopped in its tracks? By prayer? That's a powerful thought. Keeping up one's spirits is a key ingredient in getting through this and having a laugh or two now and then can be a remedy for stress.

* * *

The news is constantly blasting dire statistics and fear-based information. Listening to this non-stop is not healthy. It causes stress which can affect in many ways other than getting the coronavirus.

I wouldn't mind hearing more accounts of others who have tested positive and have recovered—about what they experienced when they came down with the virus, what their symptoms were and what remedies had been used for relief and healing. If anyone feels like chiming in, it would be appreciated.

I also wonder about that basketball player who had tested positive but said he had no symptoms. What happened to him—did he ever get sick?

* * *

This morning, after a days-long silence, music was again heard blasting from Sam Seeger's Sound Studio. We are relieved. Sam wasn't feeling well and that room was disconcertingly quiet for about a week or so—severe headaches, backaches, and extreme exhaustion seem to have been his major complaints. Whether or not he had COVID-19 is up for debate since he was never actually tested.

* * *

Doctor David is taking full credit for Sam’s recovery. The other night, he got busy in the kitchen and made us a dinner of his own most favorite foods, firm in his belief that if the packaging lists preservatives among its ingredients and is certified kosher, it is undeniably medicinal.

The menu opened with large heavily salted frozen pretzels heated in the oven. This was followed by chicken soup that comes in a boxed plastic bag. I was happy to hear that the manufacturer now recommends removing the contents from the hermetically-sealed pouch before putting it into a glass bowl and then microwaving. The next course was a platter of Hebrew National hot dogs, grilled to "perfection," (his code for “a bit overdone”) and served on very slightly toasted buns, with sauerkraut and mustard. There was not a vegetable in sight but I went along with all of it just this once. Dessert: “Kosher for Passover” chocolate-covered marshmallows, frozen, of course.

Although later that night, I found I was incredibly thirsty from all the salt, we were thrilled to see Sam up and around the next morning.

* * *

My girl, Lil is still doing handstands. She is also crocheting bikini tops and just wrote a new song. She played it for me the other day on Facetime. I like it. She seems fine.

* * *

The other day, Ben placed another order on Amazon, this time for foam nunchucks. I’m guessing he’s passing time watching karate movies. He’s also entertaining us with his own videos. Here’s an example, now posted on YouTube:

* * *

Speaking of karate movies, this weekend, Sensei Dave extended the rental period to one full week for Sister Sensei, our karate/comedy feature movie which is on Vimeo, only $2.

The next day, I received a much-needed dose of cheer in the form of an email saying that a group of 1 other friends all watched our movie virtually, probably via Zoom. The woman wrote that they all had a blast and sent me the hilarious comments and quotes made while screening it.

Laughter is always good medicine.

* * *

Ben’s order arrived quickly. It appears that foam nunchucks are one thing not out of stock. As I watched the video clip on the Family Chat, any worries I might have had about the state of his health in terms of the virus were immediately replaced by concern that he was going to knock himself out. Now, a few days later, it’s clear that he has been spending a lot of time practicing—he is getting much better at it. It also looks like he’s feeling OK.

* * *

My grandsons have been officially introduced to video games. Max and Meg say everyone and everything is fine, although the past weeks feel like one extremely long weekend. Max also made a video with a dose of his own brand of medicinal humor:

* * *

Laughter is the best medicine. Despite the confusion, sadness, and uncertainty, a chuckle now and then is helpful to get us through these difficult times. I thank my family for their humor.

* * *

My mother is really not OK. She was supposed to have had two doctor’s appointments at the hospital followed by what is essentially a non-elective procedure. All were canceled. Now, I am hearing worry in her voice and I feel completely helpless. She lives alone so far away.

* * *

An old friend, well into her 90's, resides in a nearby assisted living facility. She is very unhappy that she can have no visitors. I try calling her but, on the phone, she can't hear a word anyone says. Despite that, she is relieved just to have someone to talk to. Yesterday, she spoke about how this time reminds her of when she was a young girl in Europe and had to hide in the basement during the WWII bombings. She later escaped from Czechoslovakia went on to become the "Tokyo Rose of Radio Free Europe" but that's another story.

* * *

The worst thing that happened this past weekend was the loss of a long-time and very dear friend—not from the virus. It was a heart attack. It was so strange because we had just spoken to him the day before and he sounded fine. Everything was going well, he had said. Once off the phone, he sent David all the photos he had taken while staying with us for a week this past summer. Just before, when I went to my Photos App to get the image of the above painting, a titled slide show of his photos from this past August popped up on my screen. Not sure how this ended up on my computer—David thinks perhaps a friend of his sent it (?). Regardless, it is a much-appreciated memento. We are so grateful to have been his friend over all these years and will miss him.

May his light rise high in heaven and his memory be for a blessing. Amen.

* * *

Sending out best intentions to all.


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