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What's in Your Recycling?

As of January 1, China says "No More!" to our recycling.

What? We’ve been shipping our recycling to China? Remember when we were so concerned about going there for the Olympics? No wonder! We were actually contributing to the pollution problem over there. With this news, what better time is there to talk about the elephant in the room?

I am just as much to blame as everyone else. I mean, look at me. I ran to Xtreme Bootcamp tonight, forgetting my handy glass bottle swathed in rubber, filled with water from the cooler. It was right there in the fridge, but I was running late. Senior moment. I grabbed one from the fridge at the gym.

Let me be the first to have the stone tossed. More appropriately perhaps, the empty plastic bottle I now have in my possession. Where was that going to go? What do I actually think happens to this and all the plastic we put out at the curb? So often I have said to myself, "Where does all this stuff we put out on the curb actually go? One of these days, I'm gonna find out."

Well, that time is now. Time to speak up, to wake up and take responsibility for the way we are treating our planet. Global warming is not the only problem here. The second nature we have all become accustomed to must revert to "Back to Nature." We must rethink our choices.

The question is not "Where, on Earth, are we are now going to shuffle our garbage off to?" It's more like "How do we stop this incessant flow?" Please don’t think I have the answers, but I am willing to look into it, to do my part, share my findings and ideas and I invite, encourage all your participation.

We need to figure this out now so our kids and grandkids have a healthy chance of survival amid all the toxic waste we are generating. Follow this link to learn more . . . .


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