video services

Give your website a competitive edge with a stunning video. Get your message across with a captivating slide presentation. Online video has now become an essential website tool to effectively engage website visitors. Let’s make a video of your artistic process or the history of your company. If you are a performer and have existing video, together we can make a demo reel or even a fabulous and unique music video. Perhaps you want to speak on a specific topic of your expertise or on location. As a video producer, I have the team that can make it happen.  


animation services

Bring your brand to life with an inspiring animation. Are you are an artist? Show your process or time lapse a painting from start to finish. Own a business? Demonstrate your product or show the history of your business as a unique visual. As an Animator, I create moving images and design visual effects for television, movies and presentations. My preferred method is old school, traditional pencil on paper drawings which are then scanned and animated via computer software. If you are looking for something 3D or 360, I work with a team that can do that, too. My process for both video and animation is to begin by coming up with a storyboard to visualize the overall scope of the final product. Once approved, we take it from there. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, I have what it takes to oversee each project from conception to completion. Let’s make a movie!


web design services

Whether you are just starting out with your first website or redesigning an existing one, I will help you showcase your work, build your brand to life and leverage your company. Your online presence is an important extension of your business and/or your craft. Beginning with a strategy session, we will discuss your goals and ideas, devising a general layout, color scheme and framework for your new site. An estimate of time needed to reach completion will be provided based on the scope of the project. The finished site will include a mobile view, SEO and registration with Google Analytics.


graphic design services

As a graphic designer, I wear many hats; designing websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions, displays and presentations. I create corporate identities or can work within pre-established branding to create seamless corporate communications, including newsletters, brochures, postcards, letterhead and business cards. All design decisions will result from our initial strategy session. At that time, we will establish your objectives, ideas and deadlines. From this meeting, I will also estimate the time required to complete the work and provide quotes as to the overall cost. Let's make your ideas a reality!


copywriting services

Call on me to help you write your winning story: website pages, press releases, product descriptions, email newsletters, proposals, social media and blog posts. I will create attention-grabbing, informative copy to promotes your products and a Call to Action. I can also serve as a book reviewer, copy editor and content editor. With my eye for detail, grammar and spelling, I also edit and proof pre-existing copy to bring your writings to publication.


media research

I love research; for radio, documentaries and  television. I get the inside story: people, places and facts. I am known for being extremely organized and keep accurate records, able to track down hard-to-find records with patience and determination. Tenacious and detail-oriented, I can organize, plan and research everything that will happen during the program, included those who will be interviewed, the logistics of the location in terms of crew size and budgeting.As a responsible fact checker, I can write briefs for the presenters and will be certain there is adherence to appropriate legislation relating to the production.



Do you have a great concept for a new business? Or an existing business or personal website greatly in need of an overhaul? Do you want to update your business website to one with fully functioning e-commerce? Are you a musician and want to add your music and performance videos? Or a prolific artist who wants to create an easily expandable site to display all your work as it evolves? If you are ready for something new and need someone to run your ideas by, I am happy to have that conversation with you. My creative, technical and logistical knowledge in tandem with your visions and goals can provide the insight you need to reach your objective. We will discuss how and where your business or portfolio will exist digitally, including websites, mobile phones and tablets. Above all, we will plan a long-term strategy for your site.


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