testimonials (continued)

"We like the fact that she made a list and outlined what she thought needed to be updated, fixed, etc. Then we merged that with our list and gave that back to her. She works in one section at a time, which is what we needed. She had some really good ideas for us. She also had some web design expertise that we don't and she was able to explain to us why some things work better than others. Efficient, timely, nice to talk to on the phone and on email. She's a keeper."



"Holly was professional, supportive, encouraging and VERY knowledgeable. Her input was instrumental to a successful project kickoff. We plan on using her for other upcoming projects. We highly recommend her."


"I have enjoyed working with Holly and continue to work with her. She was very knowledgeable and made great suggestions. We did most of our contact by email and phone. I highly recommend her!"


"Working with Holly on developing my website was not only a pleasure but a true collaboration. She was always quick to respond while adding insight and artistic form that brought out my message and provided me with a framework and training to continue to evolve. I wholeheartedly endorse her expertise and creativity. "


Holly is expert, talented, and always responsive. She is imaginatively engaged in the success of her clients, always thinking of ways to improve their business and move forward. Holly combines an excellent head and passionate heart, and she gets the job done with flare! I also appreciate that her family--husband and sons especially-- provide a context of additional relevant skills and gifts. Holly moves among the stars and you profit from the stardust.


"After creating animation for more than fifty years, I decided it was time to have a website that would serve as an archive and showcase for my work. I chose Holly Whitstock Seeger as my website designer because she is a creative thinker and has great technical expertise. She designed a site for me that is graphic, fun and exciting. Best of all, working with Holly was a blast!"


"Holly Whitstock Seeger is an amazing web designer! I waited a long time for a chance to work with her. She is highly creative and was very patient with me during the entire process of creating my new web site. She got an immediate sense of my art and was able to tailor make a site just for me.

I had sent her over two hundred photos of my art pieces, some of them were not in the best condition.  She was able to straighten and color correct as needed. The colors became as vibrant as the original artwork.

My site is unique and required some clever solutions on Holly's part. I had a sixty page art project that had been published as a book and she was able to showcase it for me as a slide presentation on my site. And of course my magic deck, was a piece of magic on her part!

I was not sure if she would be able to do everything I wanted because I wanted so much!! She did everything I dreamed of and more!! The site  turned out better than I ever imagined it could be."


"My thought was to update my website with Holly Seeger. The outcome was terrific in that she rejuvenated it with her expertise, patience, and kind spirit."


"Who is Holly Seeger? She's the woman who made my first published book a reality.Holly did the graphic design and layout. The book - Yoga in the Classroom, has become a little classic. It stands out as original and playful, and it keeps on selling. Holly has abounding generosity, creative insight, and technical prowess. Put those characteristics together and you have a powerhouse of encouragement and concrete knowledge. If you can grab her to work with you, go for it! She's a precious jewel."


"If I could give 100 stars I would! Working with Holly has been amazing. She is very knowledgeable in her field and is an expert with Wix and various other social media platforms. I have worked with many professionals but no one compares to Holly. Very professional, knowledgable, prompt in response and I would rate the experience working with her as one of my best!"


"Holly was a pleasure to work with, she listened to my suggestions and made improvements every step of the way. She will be my go to person going forward as I build my business. 


Excellent website design. I love the value in the personalized consultation we had before work began.  Holly is down to earth, easy to work with and great at what she does.   Her design was more than I hoped for, and now, I have a fabulous website.  I highly recommend her!


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