visits from heaven sizzle reel

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Visits From Heaven is an inspiring new series hosted by Josie Varga, author of the best-selling book of the same title.


Each show contains compelling narratives, largely drawn from chapters in Josie’s books and explore accounts of everyday people and their Afterlife Communications with deceased loved ones.


Based on actual events, these accounts are thought-provoking and eye-opening affirmations as proof that “life never ends and love never dies.”


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a guided tour through the art of carole's home

Dr. Carole author of the recent book, Side Effects; The Art of Surviving Cancer, is a breast cancer survivor who credits her recovery to meditation on beauty, oddness, and the work of love that is art. In her early 60’s, kids grown and gone, she had sold her big house, moved into a tiny apartment and was pursuing a lifetime dream of stage performance, while still raising money for a woman’s college. Fate then deals her two hands: a fascinating new boyfriend and breast cancer. This is a Cinderella story for an aging feminist in the 21st century.


This video was created specifically for her website, a short tour of some additional art that has inspired her.

Visit Dr. Weaver's website for more information:


xtreme booty camp sizzle reel

This is a sizzle reel for Tom Jimenez, Marine, Body Builder, Coach, Owner of Xtreme Bootcamp in Norwood, NJ and extreme motivator.


Always entertaining and never boring, his classes are also grueling and relentless. His clients, mostly women, might walk in there in out of shape and overweight but sticking with his one hour a day regimen and dietary recommendations, he gets results! These girls soon find themselves in the best shape of their lives.  


the karate rap

Truth is stranger than fiction!

This especially applies to our music video, The Karate Rap. Who would have ever thought that a rap song, created in 1986, would evolve into a youtube sensation 30 years later? Only on the worldwide web!


In January 2012, after years of watching it for their own amusement, the Seeger kids posted this video and felt it was time for the world to like it, too!


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sister sensei

Completed in 1994, Sister Sensei is a feature-length karate comedy action adventure starring Mindy Seeger, Robert Scaglione, Beverly Arnold, Hal Seeger, Lesley Vogel, Mano Sookarin, David Seeger and Holly Whitstock Seeger.


The Music Soundtrack is composed by Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater.  


Special appearances include Bob Toms, George Greenberg, Eden Lee Jellinek, Patricia Katz and Victoria Gable, among many others.


This film also includes an excerpt from a Hal Seeger Batfink cartoon and an animated segment by Holly Whitstock Seeger.


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sensei rainbow and the dojo kids

Enter the enchanted Rainbow Dojo. There Sensei Rainbow imparts his wisdom to the Dojo Kids through magical and musical martial arts training. Along with their delightful dragon friends, Yin and Yang, the embark upon a quest to inspire a small boy with a big basketball that, yes, he can do it!


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