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You need a website.
I know the way.

Build Your Professional Online Presence Now.
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You have enough going on with your business besides figuring out how to get your website up and running. 

Are you frustrated by not knowing where to begin with building a website? 


Are you overwhelmed by yet another detail to contend with aside from all the work you need to do for the business itself?  


Is your web designer going to be accessible if you run into problems with your e-commerce shop or any other aspect of your website?


Do you have a site but no one can find it on the web?

You don't need to be held back any longer. It's time to focus on what you do best AND get your professional site up on the web.

You Need a Web Designer Who Really Cares About What You Do.

Holly W Seeger | Clear Communication


You know how you want your website to look and what content must be featured. You just don’t know the jargon. You need a web designer who is easy to understand, easy to work with, and accessible—someone you can clearly communicate with about your ideas.

Holly W Seeger | Website Support + Maintenance



What if you have questions once your website is done? You'd like to take care of most of the site updating yourself but how will you know what to do? Maybe you are overwhelmed with all the demands of your business and you need someone to help with the maintenance?

Holly W Seeger | Website Design + Devices



You want a great design so your website stands out from the competition. But how about the mobile view? Don’t you find yourself going to your phone to look something up on the internet? Will your website also work well on your cellphone?  

Are You Ready To Launch Your Website?

Hi! I'm Holly Seeger.

For 15+ years, I have been specializing in web design, building websites for small businesses, authors, and artists.


My mission is to help you create a professional online presence the way you envision it. You will stand out from the competition. Your website will be up and running quickly and efficiently and I will pay attention to every detail.


Best of all, you will have more time to focus on your business, write your book, and/or create your art!

Holly W Seeger | Bio Pic

What Clients Are Saying


Dr. Elke Hedstrom

Translator of 

Old German Script

“Your nice website really has paid off for me. I have sometimes more business than I can handle. . .”


Dr. Kenneth Silvestri

Psychotherapy, Certified Classical Homeopathy

"Working with Holly on developing my website was not only a pleasure but a true . . .”


Dr. Carole Weaver

Author, Cancer Survior, Motivational Speaker

"Holly is expert, talented, and always responsive. She is imaginatively engaged in the . . ." 


Harriet Hyams

Stained Glass
and Fine Art

"My thought was to update my website with Holly Seeger. The out-come was terrific. . . ."

What Clients Are Saying

Your Website Is Your Showcase.

Holly W Seeger | Professional Web Design



Stand out from the crowd with a professionally-crafted website. The key ingredients are clean design and easy, engaging navigation. A cohesive theme with your logo, consistent color scheme, and typography will create a memorable brand for your visitors to identify with your quality products.

Holly W Seeger | eCommerce Websites



With an e-Commerce store, your business is open all the time. More and more people are now shopping on the web at all hours of the day from the comfort of home or wherever they might be. Your website will work 24/7 and increase your income when you sell your products online.

Holly W Seeger | Search Engine Optimization


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases your customer base by bringing in visitors looking for your specific products or services. SEO can boost your URL's place in Search Engine results. The goal is for potential clients to see your website at the top of the first page in the browser. 

The Process


Holly W Seeger | The Process Step 1

click on the
"Let's Talk" button

Describe your project. Please include your phone number and a few options as to the best time for a  phone consultation.


Holly W Seeger | The Process Step 2

We schedule
a phone consultation

We set up a phone meeting to learn more about your project, including your goals, deadlines and any questions you have.


Holly W Seeger | The Process Step 3

Estimate +
Plan of Action

will be sent

I will send you a
follow-up email with a proposal, including a cost estimate, schedule, and a plan of action for your new website. 


Holly W Seeger | The Process Step 4

Your website
is on
the way! 

We speak again to confirm the final plan and begin creating your professional online web presence.

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