Following studies in Photo/Film/Animation and Graphic Design at the Philadelphia College of Art, I began my career at HAL SEEGER STUDIOS in 1978. During that time, on a weekly basis, we produced 5 cartoons for the Peabody Award-winning series, "Cartoon-a-torial." These spots, on average 15-seconds long, brought to life the political satire of 12 syndicated cartoonists and aired daily on national evening news programs.


With the advent of the Video Industry, I transitioned to Computer Graphics as a Quantel Paintbox artist, working extensively with ABC, HBO, Showtime, MTV and VH-1 in post-production houses throughout NYC.


Currently, as a Video Producer, Web Designer and Computer Graphics Artist, I am creating programming, animations, on-screen graphics and designs for print, the internet and television. I am also very excited to be the producer/director of a thought-provoking show about the Afterlife.


Over the years, career and 4 children aside, I have somehow managed to find the time to paint. I create portraits, landscapes and scenes from my life, indelible images forever etched in my memory.


My artwork has recently focused on the use of recycled materials reimagined into canvases and 3-D objects, such as spirit boxes and book safes. These items are inspired by best intentions for protecting our planet, a topic I feels very strongly about. Through this medium, perhaps I can bring about more public awareness and consciousness.


This website is an ongoing collection of all facets of my work. Please check in from time to time to see what else is new.

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