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If You Sew, Here's the List of Those Who Want/Need Your Face Masks

Every morning my Inbox has the NY Times Morning Briefing by Chris Stanford. Sometimes I open it and often times not—never good news these days. But today was different for some reason. Scrolling down the page, I came across this:

“As many as 25 percent of people infected with the virus may not show symptoms, a number that is leading the C.D.C. to consider broadening its guidelines on who should wear masks. (We have a guide to making your own.)”

My curiosity was piqued about a “guide to making your own” face mask and I followed the link to the detailed instructions here:

In the instructions, this is what really caught my eye:

“….some organizations are using fabric masks as a temporary stopgap. The Sewing and Craft Alliance is continuously updating a list of health care facilities that have asked for fabric mask donations.”

As one who has been sewing ever since I first learned in Mrs. Farrell’s 7th grade Home Economics class, I have a ton of fabric I would love to put to good use and this is the perfect opportunity.

The health care facilities specify the type of mask they are looking for, whether it be Olson masks and/or surgical-style. I learned something new when I looked up the definitions. Patterns for these are abundant on line.

On this beautiful Spring day, despite the horrors all around, at least I know there is something I can do to help. I wanted to share this as perhaps there are others who feel the same way.

Stay well, everyone.


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