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“There will always be something.”

I meant to share this video for some time now but “there will always be something” got in the way.

Over the years, I have tried to develop the knack of accepting life's many detours with a modicum of patience and grace. My lesson to learn: Life is all about the Hills and the Valleys.

“When the time is right, it will happen.”

As of late, my terrain has been erratic; dismay and tragedy followed close on the heels by joy and wonder. And the other way around. “There will always be something” has become a well-worn mantra. My biggest personal valley of 2020/2021 was the death of my mother. Although stricken with a myriad of serious maladies over the past ten years, somehow it was a complete shock when she suddenly died.

I am still climbing out of the abyss, but . . .

Along the way, there are marvelous views from the hills—the miracles of watching my 4 children grow into self-reliant adults and the joys of observing with great delight the exuberant and pure undiluted innocence of my sweet grandsons.

I had expected my mother’s demise to be an easier passage.

Especially since my last decade had been focused on researching the concept of Afterlife Communication. In 2010, I met author Josie Varga. A vivid, lucid dream unexpectedly launched her interest in the Other Side. This dream, in which a 9-11 victim appeared attempting to convey a message to his wife, served as the inspiration for Visits From Heaven, her first book on the topic. I found this story so intriguing, I was motivated to illustrate the account and a few other chapters from the book for the screen. We teamed up to make the pilot, Visits From Heaven; a collaboration of her Afterlife Communications interviews together with my background in video production and computer graphics.

This project took what seemed like eons to complete.

My mother would always chide me, saying it was all taking much too long, a conversation immediately followed by the reminder of an upcoming doctor's appointment. She wasn't the only one with an agenda for me but this is an old saw some may well relate to. Despite all the instances of “there will always be something,” the video was finally finished. Many thanks to the family members and friends enlisted in the effort—their names are listed in the credits. Without them, there would be no Visits From Heaven pilot.

And then I lost my mother.

“If not now, when?"

—Rabbi Hillel, the Elder

I'm coming out of it, now . . . I think. At times, I am certain I hear my mother's voice. "Get on with it. Get going! What are you waiting for?" This followed by a reminder to finally set a firm date for family members about her COVID-delayed Memorial Service before the long winter months again set in. No worries, Mom. Now a long-time veteran of the Hills and the Valleys, I'm on it.

Visits From Heaven

Almost everyone has a story or two to tell about Afterlife Communication. The following is the link to our trailer. If you are so inclined, please click the button to view the full 20-minute video. I would love to hear your thoughts and/or stories.

Thanks in advance for watching!


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